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The city's website has excellent aerial photographic coverage on its 'City Map' section. As well
as detailed searchable mapping
( English and Turkish options ), there are historic aerial photos.
...There is a new version for 2015. An alternative is Yandex Harita.
Turkish photographers site. ( Turkish ).
All about cameras - lots of them ! ( successor to 'Camerpedia' ).
Website of a project designed to create computer reconstructions of the Byzantine monuments
of Istanbul as they existed in 1200
Southeastern Anatolia
Portal to a useful series of guides ( pdf ) to various towns and cities of south-east Turkey.
Byzantium 1200
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
Miscellaneous :
Turkey :
Worldwide weather.
Beyoğlu Municipality
Useful series of detailed neighbourhood street maps in the 'Beyoğlu Guide' section ( Istanbul ).
Gertrude Bell Archive
Early 20th century photographs taken during the intrepid traveller's journeys in Turkey and the Middle East ( and beyond ) together with diaries and letters.
Perry-Castañeda Library
Map collection at the University of Texas, Austin, plus worldwide links.
Ara Güler
Evocative photographs of bygone Istanbul, and more.
New York Public Library
NYPL Digital Gallery - over 700,000 digital images of all kinds.
Sudan :
Sudan Tribune
Things Sudanese. Paris-based website.
Virtual Library
World Wide Web-Virtual Library ( History ) Sudan page. ( Be prepared for broken links! ).
My Merhaba
Useful site for expats in Turkey.
Digital Library with a focus on architecture in the Islamic world.
Rome :
Rome Art Lover
Roberto Piperno's very informative site all about the Eternal City, and places further afield.
Nicholas V Artamonoff Collection
Photographs of Istanbul and elsewhere taken in the 1930s.
Other miscellaneous links
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Syria :
Monuments of Syria
A guide to the historic architecture of Syria by Ross Burns.
Dick Osseman
Dutch national Mr Osseman has taken thousands of photos all over Turkey.
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