Nemrut Dağı
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Nemrut Dağı Commagene
The spectacular mountain-top Hierothesion,  (tomb-sanctuary) at Nemrut Dağı was constructed by King Antiochus I Theos of  Commagene ( r 70 - 38 BC ).
The remains of Antiochus  are thought to lie beneath a 50m high mound, which is flanked by statues, originally up to 9m high, of the seated King and various gods.
Of Greek and Persian ancestry, Antiochus drew on both traditions for the representation of the gods who were to accompany him on the summit.

Nemrut Dağı was brought to the world's attention only in 1881. It became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. Increasing numbers of tourists visit the monument.  The Turkish authorities have established a programme of conservation for the site, and there are plans for a visitor centre.
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Nemrut Dağı - distant view
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West Terrace
Nemrut Dağı - West Terrace - Antiochus.
West Terrace - Antiochus
Nemrut Dağı - distant view
Nemrut Dağı
West Terrace - Antiochus, Tyche
Nemrut Dağı
West Terrace - Apollo, Herakles
West Terrace - Antiochus, Zeus
East Terrace
East Terrace
Nemrut Dağı
Nemrut Dağı
West Terrace
East Terrace
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East Terrace
East Terrace
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West Terrace