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The Euphrates River forms the border between the province of Adıyaman and its neighbours Diyarbakır and Şanlıurfa.
The Atatürk Dam ( constructed 1983-1990 at a site south of Adıyaman city ), was designed to provide hydroelectric power to the area and irrigation to the Şanlıurfa-Harran and Ceylanpınar plains. Water began to flow through tunnels from the dam to these areas in 1995.

As a result of the formation of the lake behind the dam, some 55,000 people were displaced from their villages up and down the river. Rescue excavations took place at a number of archaeological sites in advance of their destruction by the waters of the lake.

These views are of various places on the river before the flooding.
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Euphrates near Akçeveran
Euphrates near Gerger

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Euphrates near Gerger
Euphrates near Gerger
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Euphrates at Hınıç
Euphrates north of Horis
Euphrates north of Horis
Euphrates north of Horis
Euphrates north of Horis
Euphrates near Karatilbe
Euphrates near Karatilbe
Euphrates near Keferge
Euphrates near Köklüce
Euphrates near Köklüce
Euphrates at Kilisyan
Euphrates at Kilisyan
Euphrates at Kıllık
Atatürk Dam Landsat 4 image - 1983 Landsat 7 image - 2002
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Euphrates south of Keferge

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